Free personalized feed aggregator using Slack

Over the course of the last few years, I've notices that it seems everyone and their mother uses Slack. At least for work and for a number of communities. This blog post will show you how to create your own personalized feed aggregator using free Slack. I chose using Slack instead of Feedly or any other online or offline feed aggregator for the following reasons: I already use Slack; for work, for leisure, for a number of communities. You can easily share/add people to your Slack workspace. You can set up multiple channels and set up notifications for whichever you need. If you already are using Slack, you can always dedicate a channel or a few to your personal feed aggregator, without actually creating your own instance of Slack (but will need admin help to set everything up). Now that we've got that covered, let's talk about what's going to get covered by this blog post: Adding RSS application to your Slack instance. Adding feeds from various sources (websites, github

Serbian Website Blacklist for PiHole and AdGuard Home

In today's digital age, protecting oneself from online threats has become a necessity. With the ever-growing presence of adware, malware, fraud, and scams lurking on the internet, users need robust solutions to fortify their browsing experiences. Recognizing this need, I'm thrilled to introduce my latest creation: a Serbian website blacklist curated for PiHole and AdGuard Home users. Origin This journey began with a simple yet profound realization: the internet landscape is rife with nefarious entities seeking to exploit unsuspecting users (including, say, my youngest family members). To counter this, I've become a user of AdGuard home running on my RaspberryPi in my home network. But there was somewhat of a gap in the sea of AdGuard blacklists out there - there are no (at least to my knowledge) blacklists dedicated to spammers and fraudsters operating in Serbia and Balkans. Luckily, security and privacy aware users of the  Bezbedan Balkan forum  have started compiling all

Comparing protected PDF files using Adobe Acrobat

Reviewing long PDF documents, especially ones with a lot of legalese, is cumbersome and tedious work. It takes a lot of time to just read and understand everything, especially when the document is not written in your native language. So, you read, and you finish the review, and you have a set of changes you need to do. The other party makes the changes, and then you need to confirm that everything is as you requested. And what if the old and the new version of your PDF document is protected? The Problem I found myself in a pickle once with protected PDFs. I needed to quickly review and compare two versions of PDF documents, ~100 pages long, with my changes added; turned out that the other side has also added ~150 changes to the document that are less relevant, such as spelling and grammar. And both previous and the new version were protected, thus disabling my ability to simply feed both documents to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and compare. Due to the protections, I was unable to edit, or eve

Sad state of email encryption in Serbia - or how a web based bank just does not encrypt emails

Not long ago, browsing through my received emails in my gmail, I've realized that one of the banks I use does not use TLS when sending emails to their clients. Of course, being a security aware customer of the bank, and having in mind that I am their client, I've decided to contact them with this information, pointing out the fact that Gmail, a 21st century go-to free email provider, makes this very prominent in each mail they send. The usual ways of contacting the bank in question is either via phone, email or Twitter. Since they don't encrypt their email traffic, and I didn't have time for waiting on their staff on the phone (who does these days, right?), I've decided to use Twitter. I had previous experience with them via this channel, and a positive one. They seemed to be on top of any problems they receive via tweets, and are quite fast to reply. Translation: "Hello @TelenorBanka, did you know that emails you're sending to your clients are not en

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